SMPS legal’s partner Carlos Solorzano in the news
16 de Octubre de 2014

SMPS legal’s partner Carlos Solorzano in the news

“Show me a failed venture in Mexico and I will show you a naive, if not negligent, business development team,” he says. “A lot of mining companies reach an agreement and then forget about the community.” Solórzano says oil and gas companies will experience similar challenges as mining companies have in Mexico.

“One of the things that they’re going to struggle with is the social component,” he says. “Most of the operations are going to be remote areas where people have been neglected. So companies coming in will have to have very strong social policies that immediately have to deploy benefits to the community in order to gain that will that is required to have a smooth operation.

To read the complete version of this fascinating cover story written by Arshy Mann, published on October 15th, 2014 in the Canadian Lawyer Magazine, please follow this link:

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