Banking and Finance Practice

Our firm advises private-equity companies, creditors, debtors and other key participants in the Mexican and foreign markets on the granting and restructuring of financing and the establishment of guaranties, by providing prompt, state-of-the-art advice in a sector that involves highly-time sensitive transactions.

SMPS Legal maximizes value generation via a strategic combination of legal experience and a profound understanding of our clients’ businesses.

The team actively helps its clients to put together and raise private-capital funds and other alternative assets, as well constantly updating them on reporting obligations, capital calls, investments and divestments, restructurings, the negotiation of agreements between partners, and regulatory compliance.

The partners in this practice group advise banks about regulations and transactions, Financial Technology Institutions (FINTECHs), multi-purpose financial companies (SOFOMS), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), public trusts (CKDs), insurance companies, interbank brokerage firms, and retirement-savings-fund managers (AFORES), among others.

We negotiate each transaction, seeking practical and innovative solutions via the integration of our legal counsels with the client’s business.

Our practice leaders have unparalleled knowledge about, and understanding of, credit transactions and restructurings, asset-backed and structured security offerings, debt, equity, and tenders. Moreover, the department is enhanced by its extensive M&A practice and its emphasis on private-equity transactions, corporate restructurings, mezzanine financing, and capital markets.

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