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Our Tax Consulting practice provides services for complex, sophisticated transactions, based on a clear vision of the financial and legal issues that could impact our clients’ business. Our services are focused on tax consulting and planning for both domestic and cross-border transactions encompassing a wide variety of industries, as well as on helping our clients to interact with tax authorities and on providing them with solid litigation strategies. 

We have been widely praised for our technical skills in Tax Practice and our innovative understanding of business matters.

The team is a leader on tax-related M&A matters, in which the additional corporate finance and valuation knowledge of our team has been a key factor for our success in the structuring, implementation and negotiation of the transactions with other tax and corporate lawyers, as well as investment bankers involved in such transactions. The team has been involved in several big-ticket and cross-border transactions mainly because its client portfolio, which is formed by solid and ever-growing international corporations.

SMPS Legal has advised real estate investment funds in the tax matters regarding their structuring and disinvestment processes, as well as diverse operational issues arising from the nature of the business.

Additionally, the team has advised private equity funds that participate in the Mexican market, with respect to the structuring of the investments and the subsequent sale of their interests. In certain matters related to this industry, SMPS Legal has advised in the tax matters of structuring capital development certificates (“CKD”) as well as the tax treatment applicable to the participants of the CKD and the certificate holders. 

The industries covered include stock exchange, retail, textile, shipping, logistics, real estate, private equity, venture capital, technology, start-up companies, energy and natural resources, among others. Our client portfolio also includes high-net-worth individuals and family offices, to whom we provide advice regarding wealth, estate and succession planning as well as investment structuring both in Mexico and abroad.

When evaluating the financial and legal aspects of our client’s affairs, we provide a comprehensive overview that directly translates into the multidisciplinary management of each matter entrusted to us, thus providing them with tailor-made services that have tangible added value. Moreover, our tax department is outstanding for its fully integrated tax consultancy and controversy-handling services, thus providing high-quality multidisciplinary advice on all matters relating to taxation, the enforcement of international treaties, and the putting together of structures both for residents of Mexico and clients located abroad.

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