Compliance & ESG

Our Compliance and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) practice team provides a 360° advisory that includes our clients’ employees, customers, and suppliers in a synergic and transversal way on all aspects of compliance, including criminal/financial, ethical, social, regulatory, human being, sustainability, and best practices.

Among our services, we provide advice to our clients on the creation, implementation and sustainability of compliance programs including internal policies and procedures, as well as conducting training at all levels of the organization, due diligence, sustainable (green) projects and investments, and investigations to support the finance, legal, compliance, internal audit and human resources functions, to comply with the highest standards of corporate governance, preventing, mitigating and remedying the current impacts and potential risks related to human rights, social and environmental, and always safeguard of our clients’ most important asset, their brand reputation.

Our approach is always focus on prevention and proactivity. Protecting our clients and their legal representatives from legal sanctions is our priority.

We stand out from the crowd because our impressive collaboration between our multidisciplinary teams, which allow us to comprehensively cover our clients’ needs, from being involved in cross-border and sophisticated transactions, to addressing regulatory and compliance matters, to our strategic litigation capabilities.

In addition to our compliance advice, we are committed to enhancing our clients’ brand reputation through a culture of integrity, with a focus on the ethical, social, and environmental pillars of their business.

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