José Gerardo Vázquez San Martín

Partner, Mexico City

Gerardo is a lawyer with more than 25 years of experience who specializes in ESG issues. His professional career has been focused in-house for different multinationals companies in Mexico, Central America and Colombia. His strategic and commercial focus, mainly in the areas of legal and compliance, has contributed to achieve business continuity and accelerate growth and profitability, always with a special focus of prevention and proactivity, with adaptation and management of market uncertainties.

His experience applied to different industry sectors as in-house counsel for various companies has given him a competitive advantage, as the level of adaptability and knowledge towards clients allows him to create synergies to navigate the greatest challenges related to the sustainability of companies and therefore adopt the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) standards, which have become essential for the survival of any business.

As head of the ESG practice, Gerardo’s main purpose is to support, with an in-house vision, clients in identifying, creating, developing and consolidating a “Culture of Integrity” that generates value to their reputation and brand, contributing to success through the design of integrity objectives complementary to the business model, putting respect for the rights of human beings (employees, customers and suppliers) first, giving real importance to the environmental impact to contribute to its improvement, all to achieve protection against criminal, civil and administrative penalties.

As part of the services provided by Gerardo, they include the Risk Assessment to have an x-ray of the client’s situation, identification of areas for improvement, design the implementation of a Compliance program, socialize such implementation to all employees (through the creation of a program tailored to the client’s needs) to create a culture of integrity, awareness and training and monitoring to contribute to the sustainability of the Compliance program.