08 / 08 / 22

Interview with Maysa White, our first foreign legal intern from Boston

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, August 8th, 2022 – SMPS Legal launched its Summer Internship Program for the very first time this 2022, becoming one of the first Mexican law firms in implementing this activity which not only opens its doors for pre-graduated lawyers from international offices, but also from other Universities around the world.

Maysa White, a J.D. Candidate, 2024 from Suffolk University Law School, in Boston, US, who joined us in June, tells us about her experience in SMPS Legal. 

One of the most important things for Maysa for this summer was to improve her Spanish in Mexico and understand how a Mexican law firm operates. “I knew I wanted to be somewhere in Latin America so I could better my Spanish and learn more about the legal system abroad. I chose SMPS because of my interview with Eduardo Pizarro Suárez and María Teresa Paillés. Out of all the interviews I had, they seemed so genuine and nice, and I believed that I would feel as part of the SMPS family from my brief time with them” she said.

Additionally, Maysa explained how easy it was to adapt to the SMPS Legal organizational culture because of her previous experience working at a law firm and using similar systems and processes, as well as her foundational knowledge of the law. “I never struggled with technology or figuring out how to complete an assignment” she stated.

One of Maysa’s favorite experiences was to sit in on the client meetings and watching the interviews with different labor unions. “I am grateful to Eduardo for including me in that process because that was the moment, I felt I was learning the most, seeing client interactions, learning about labor law, and making comparisons between the US and Mexico”, Maysa explained.

Maysa concluded that her experience within SMPS Legal was good, saying “generally, my experience at SMPS was a positive one! I found people here that I hope to stay in touch with, and I was a part of some interesting projects”.

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