Real Estate

SMPS Legal’s attorneys have extensive experience of representing developers, creditors and investors in all types of real-estate and asset transactions, including purchases, leasing agreements, funding, development, construction, and liens on-real estate assets such as offices, retail outlets, malls, manufacturing industries, mines, residential and multi-purpose properties, and hospitality establishments.

Our team members are key players in the hospitality sector, providing legal assistance for well-known hospitality projects in Mexico.

Our members have over 30 years of interdisciplinary experience in the industry. Exploiting our team’s strong business and legal capabilities, we provide solutions that mitigate risks at every stage of each transaction.

The services offered by SMPS Legal include the carrying out of audits and the provision of support in regulatory, tax and environmental matters, as well as the structuring of real-estate projects based on all types of modalities, including Real Estate Investment Trusts (In Spanish: “FIBRAs” or Fideicomisos Inmobiliarios de Bienes Raíces).

Our experts are recognized as key players in the area of real-estate law and for helping our clients in Mexico and the rest of Latin America to carry out complex operations.

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