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Publication of the modification to the guidelines for the conversion of office space to residential use in Mexico City.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, March, 2022 –  On August 4, 2021, the agreement establishing the guidelines for the conversion of office space to residential use in Mexico City was published in the Official Gazette of Mexico City (the “Guidelines”). This informative note summarizes the amendments that were published on March 22nd, 2022, in respect to such Guidelines.

Some of the concepts established in the Guidelines were modified, including the concept of conversion, which now includes, in addition to the transformation, the adaptation of the property from office to residential. 

The General Director of Urban Planning of SEDUVI was designated as the administrative unit responsible for the implementation and compliance with the Guidelines.

A modification was made to the specific areas in Mexico City in which real estate may be converted. 

The application for the conversion was modified to be filed with the filling office.  

Concerning the documentation to be filed with the request, the authority removed the hydraulic services feasibility report, the non-lien certificate and the architectural project of the property, and a photographic report of the interior of the property was added.

Once submitted, the authority may only issue one of the following resolutions:

A. Rejection order: The registered project and/or documentation presented shows that the real estate does not comply with the Guidelines.

B. Preventive order: The project does not comply with the minimum requirements to perform the technical opinion of the different areas involved

C. Order of feasibility: The application does meet all the criteria and requirements, so the authority will continue with the review for the conversion.

As a result of the amendments to the Guidelines, as of the day following the publication of the amendment, the new requirements mentioned above in a general manner will be applicable. 

The Guidelines will be in effect until December 31, 2024. If you have any questions regarding these Guidelines, please contact:

María Teresa Paillés
Nadiezhda Vazquez

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